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Automotive Industry
->->->Bearing for engine, bearing for electric motor, bearing for auto pump, bearing for wheel hub, and etc.Modern automotive industry not only needs "quick speed & comfortable" but also "safety, less fuel, green environment".
Super precision bearings
-->-->-->Most applied in advanced numerical control machine tools, precision instrument, high duty instrument, and so on.NSK products have stable function, high precision, high rotational speed, low consumption, low friction, and etc.
Aerospace industry
-->-->-->High precision bearings for domestic aerospace industry offer high function tech service, and the products ranges from raw material, processes, developed tech application to the rigid inspection after sales for meeting various our customers' needs, i.e. to use our products simply, easily, and conveniently.
Today, we have SNFA, NHMM.
M & E industry
-->-->-->Machinery for M & E industry as well as industrial and mining fields
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